Anonymous: s6 the last whhaaatttt?

im just being dramatic

i dont want to even think about 5x10 yet by the time it airs the season will be almost over and then season 6 will probably be the last im leavin


A friend of mine asked it, and this is what she answered.

I’m nervous haha

i made myself dinner 2 hours ago and then forgot to eat it, amazing

thestarsarealight replied to your postLook,

did u know that already i dont doubt it you know like 500 languages

NO lmao




mian can literally mean a bunch of things in mandarin but right now im thinking of noodles

Angela’s tags can be so rude sometimes: 

my favorite online dictionary can be so rude sometimes:



coming up empty

Ian wants to say something angry, maybe, but her voice doesn’t cooperate. Instead she kneels next to Mickey, lets herself get tugged down. Almost close enough to kiss, but never quite.

short fem!ian/mickey fic

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