i want to go to sleep but i have to finish this appearance on kim k why do i do this to myself

i refuse to believe emmy is that evil

Anonymous: i feel you on the spoiler. plus it doesn't makes sense at all! ian would never do that to mickey and certinaly not in front of yev (not because they wouldn't show a sex scene in front of todlers but because ian just isnt like that)and season is set in summer and everybody keeps saying how its more comedic and funny so i doubt they would go with this storyline. and cheating just seems to much of a cheap shot like the writers of shameless wouldn't do that. you know what i mean? sorry for the rant

i dont trust the shameless writers at all so i guess it COULD happen but like… the cast is so positive about them.. and it just doesnt make sense to have something that heavy happen in the first ep? it seems so weird and out of place but like i said im in total denial

Anonymous: What do you think about Mandy's hair for this season? I like Emma's hair any colour but it's an interesting choice for Mandy. Or are you just glad she's there haha. I'm so happy :) Also, is that Emma K next to Emma E?

noooo idea maybe they’re coloring it the way they used to color noel’s? maybe this is her first ep and they’re dyeing it last minute?

and yes? i think it is!

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EMMA IS THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????? !!!!!!!!!


why i love mickey milkovich

Emmy Rossum for Esquire Magazine January 2014


love me like i’m not made of stone || lykke li

a devil’s hand across my heart
as we dance through the dark
so go ahead, go ahead
love me deep until you can’t

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